It took ages to get finally a feeling of security.
Also an internet connection to my blog. So the first few days were a fight with my credit card limit (still is) until the rent was paid with a part of my comming salary.
Now I am living on the corner of Changning and Jiangsu Road. Look it up,
I can’t  even google maps is blocked by now. I don’t even know anymore if Beijings students once went on the street in protest for more democracy, crazy isn’t it?

My room isn’t huge but it has all the furniture I need. With a few nice blankets, a rug and a couple of plants it should become really nice.As soon as I get a bike the distance to my old street will be gone. Seriously, in ten minutes I am halfway there by foot. I picked the title because I share my flat with mostly russian girl. They are silent but I still doubt that ukrainian girl is here on its own free will.
During the next few months I will also look for another flat though.

Can’t wait to get a foldable bike and maybe later a fixie from factory five or similiar place.

I had the chance to meet up with my friends Eveline and Ziming which I suppose
both won’t read this blog but should know that without them things would look a
lot darker. I can’t wait though to help heat the Sauna at SFC with wood from the most important person besides myself on this planet.

The first few days at work were a bit … of the track? First: Wei Chao is one amazing helpful translator at MLD. I start to enjoy the atmosphere again after
the police didn’t fine the s*** out of me for reporting late.
Also I am starting to get the scope of lighting design and what I can offer to
Mischen as an interaction designer. Even better, to think that the project you are
part of becomes a visible part of everyday… everynight life in China.
But before that I have to learn more about this discipline of architecture/ design.
I start getting closer to my chinese collegues at Mischen. They are young
and joyful people. Still I am the only Westerner in the whole building I think.
I don’t think it is that common, so this experience is unique in yet another facet.

About pictures, they will come eventually, I have to crop them down.
The internet connection is quite bad at this flat so I have to deal with it somehow.For now I hope someone enjoyed this piece of literature.